3 styles of inspiring modern staircases

3 styles of inspiring modern staircases

Who says staircases have to be strictly utilitarian devices? After seeing these amazing staircase designs, you may never look at a flight of stairs the same way again.

The “ribbon” staircase (below), designed by HŠH Architects, seems like it wouldn’t support its own weight (or yours!). It does, in fact, it supports a stair-climber and also makes for a dynamic centerpiece by visually opening the occupied space.

The next design, by 14 Ora Italiana, is composed of porcelain tiles decorated with a wood grain finish. The Andy Warhol inspired stairs appear as if suspended in the air. They’re available in 14 fun colors for a personalized design experience.

Lastly, is an illusionary glass and steel staircase design by ‘Grove Park project’ from ‘Bell Phillips Architects.’ It looks like it could be right at home in an Apple Store!

“Ribbon” staircase by HŠH Architects.

Stairs by 14 Ora Italiana.

Suspended stairs by 14 Ora Italiana.

‘Grove Park project’ by ‘Bell Phillips Architects.’


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