Modern honey concept packaging with tessellating glass jars

Modern honey concept packaging with tessellating glass jars

Packaging that visually imitates the product is risky business; this strategy can be elegant and clever or embarrassingly cheesy. Designer Maksim Arbuzov has taken the leap and designed a honey-comb inspired package in a clean, modern aesthetic.

Arbuzov believes that natural forms are the best way to show a product’s innate beauty. You only need to have a concept of the form to understand what’s inside the package. His geometric jar design is hexagonal so that multiple units can be stacked to form a pattern. This ‘stacking’ combined with different golden hues of the subtly variant flavors makes a great store display or home display for the honey connoisseur.

This concept is simple and clean, allowing honey consumers to enjoy the coveted natural product before the lid is even cracked open.

Do you think this is a successful ‘product imitation’ package design? Or maybe you like your honey spooned right from the hive…YUM!

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