Impressive ‘Volocopter’ electric aircraft moves to next stage of development

Impressive ‘Volocopter’ electric aircraft moves to next stage of development

The ‘Volocopter’ electric aircraft will soon enter the next stage of development after raising $1.64 million in just four days on the European crowdfunding platform called Seedmatch. This helicopter-like aircraft turned heads last month with its successful maiden flight in the dm-arena in Karlsruhe, Germany.

“The raised money will now serve to optimize the first prototype of the VC200 and, as part of the testing scheme, conclude a comprehensive test flight program for this new aviation category,” explains e-volo Managing Director Alexander Zosel.

The Volocopter flies with 18 individual rotors and can carry two passengers. It is powered by six block batteries that allow the aircraft twenty minutes of electro-flying time. 

Check out the video of the exciting Volocopter test flight below!

YouTube Preview Image
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