Architect skips mortgage payments with ‘Tiny House’

Architect skips mortgage payments with ‘Tiny House’

Ah yes, mortgage payments. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. As it turns out architects like Macy Miller are an exception. The Idaho-based designer, longed for a place of her own free from the burden of mortgage payments and huge expenses. Her solution is the ‘Tiny House.’

The Tiny House is the result of a dream that Miller had back in 2011. With this as inspiration she took the next step and designed her small, yet incredibly efficient and practical house. The micro-house is built on top of a flatbed trailer and used sustainable materials in its construction.

Tiny recently left the construction stage with brand-new windows and a clever design that combines all the amenities of a modern home within a tight budget. She plans to include an over-sized shower, lots of storage space, a washer and dryer unit, and even a king sized bed!

Learn more about the project on her website here!

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