14 festive animated Christmas GIFs

14 festive animated Christmas GIFs

The ‘Christmas Gifs‘ project is an Advent Calendar for the Web 2.0 generation. The collection is carefully curated by Ryan Todd and built by UK-based digital creative studio Enjoythis. Christmas Gifs is a festive gathering of talented illustrators, animators and directors to provide a quirky take on the holiday season. Their medium of creative expression is the Internet equivalent of the greeting card – animated GIFs.

This is a fun and whimsical collection of animated illustrations with my favorites being ‘Home Alone One’, and SEBALDO’s adorable GIF of a sneezing toy soldier tree ornament. You can view the entire 2013 collection on their website.

hodson_full Share

Sprouts alone by Matthew the Horse & Amy Mackay

Christmas CanCan by Malika Favre

dick_full1 Share

GOLD RING$ by Angus Dick

beck_full Share

Sinterklaas by Andrew Colin Beck

correll_full1 Share

Mulled Wine by Gemma Correll

dixon_full Share

Pixel Tinsel by Ivan Dixon

lodigiani_full1 Share

Way Home by Cento Lodigiani

davey_full Share

Santa Training by Robin Davey

hursh_full1 Share

Yuletide Time Dilation by Skip Hursh

hammerstad_full2 Share

The Gif That Keeps On Giving by Kristian Hammerstad

FORE-ther Christmas by Animade

danthony_full Share

Cold Night by Thomas Danthony

The Christougenniatiko Dentrophobic Bauble by Supermundane

sebaldo_full Share

Poor Soldier Boy by SEBALDO

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