Moller Skycar launches crowdfunding project

Moller Skycar launches crowdfunding project

One of the most persistent flying car developers ever is Paul Moller. He has been researching and building the perfect flying car for over three decades! The Moller Company believes that they are close to a finished working prototype and they need your help too ‘get it off the ground’ with their new IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign. 

Moller is seeking $958,000 to take testing to the next level and they have successfully secured  a partner to match all the funds raised if the goal is met. So far, the flying car prototypes have only achieved minimal airtime while, tethered, and unmanned. The funds raised will push the car to the next level of free-fly testing.

Do you want to be the test pilot? Flying in the revolutionary Moller Skycar is only a $15,000 donation away on Indiegogo! 

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