New ‘Editors’ album featuring photography by Charles Emerson

New ‘Editors’ album featuring photography by Charles Emerson

The ongoing artwork campaign for the British indie rockers, the ‘Editors,’ latest album is nothing short of visually striking. At first sight, they might look like photo-realistic paintings, but they are actually photographs of underwater flowers.

This is the work of UK photographer Charles Emerson. These breathtakingly gorgeous, bursting-with-color images of flora in various states of decay are the sort of photographs that deserve to be blown up on a 12″ vinyl sleeve, framed and proudly displayed in your room.

Check out all the cover art for the album, as well as subsequent single releases of “Formaldehyde”, “A Ton Of Love”, and “Honesty” in high resolution below. 

You can check out more of Charles Emerson‘s brilliant works on his official website.

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