Amazing mile-long city will float the earth with 50,000 residents

Amazing mile-long city will float the earth with 50,000 residents

Like to travel? This incredible floating city may soon be perpetually exploring the world with 50,000 permanent residents. The concept ship was proposed by Freedom Ship International who is currently seeking $1 billion to begin construction on the “largest vessel ever built, and the first ever floating city.” 

This mile-long monstrosity will leisurely float the world, doing a full circle every two years and stopping in places like Africa, Australia, East Asia, and North America. Have a look at the mapped route below, it literally goes everywhere that the huge boat can fit. The Freedom Ship is too large to port anywhere, but will spend 70% of its time anchored at popular destinations, allowing the 80,000 passengers (50,000 residents and 30,000 visitors) to come and go to the mainland as they please. Some city-essential features of this concept include a shopping center, airport , schools, hospitals, casino and public parks. 

Seeing this become a reality in our lifetime would be an incredible feat. The Freedom Ship needs just $10 billion to complete construction and set sail on its eternal voyage.

Although this ship is mind-blowing in concept, I hope that a visual architectural redesign is considered before construction begins…

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