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The role of Art Deco in fashion and textile designs over the years

During its conception, Art Deco was the newest style of its kind while boasting of strong attachments to other art styles and periods. It nurtured elements but at the same time reacted and even turned away from others. It gets a lot of similarities from its predecessor, Art Nouveau, such as geometric forms, exotic elements, as well as multiple dimensions and perspectives. During the Art Deco period, a lot of attention was given to textile design. At the time, fashion was the second biggest industry in export and carried heavy importance in the recovering economies right after WWI. Furthermore, Art Deco associates the technological innovations of the machine age, carrying with it a tendency to lean towards the urban and industrial scenes, which are prevalent in the metallic color palettes and the clean ergonomic lines of vehicles and objects. All of these were seen clearly in the evolution of textile and fashion design. The images below show the evolution of Art Deco design....

Remembering the defunct ‘Faux Museum’: a paradise for oddities and confusion

The Faux Museum was once the bread and butter of Tom Richards, its curator (and often, janitor). It was located in Portland, Oregon and contains a wild collection of knick knacks. Everything inside the museum was either created by Richards himself or his friends. Each displayed item is a representation of his eccentric imagination and sense of humor. Why the weirdness? He simply wants people to "not think too hard" and "see things differently". In this light, each piece is misleading by intention. In fact, the original plan was to make an entire museum as a prank, but Richards ended up pouring everything he had into it. As a result, he made tourists and locals amused (and usually, confused) as they pass by. There certainly is a big hole left by the Faux Museum as it leaves us in its wake. It said goodbye in 2015, and fans from all over are still hoping that it'll open its doors once again - in one way or another.  ...

Mini kimonos and dresses with geek inspiration

Amanda Marin is a designer from the USA with a very particular niche. In her own words, her creations are "Easy cosplay alternatives for cute enthusiasts!". As you can see, these adorable outfits are inspired in various fandoms and characters. Targeted mainly for otakus but suitable for any girl. This way they can embody their favorite male character, in a girly fashion. Since she does all the work herself, she is in high demand and only opens certain dates to accept orders. To see more of her cute designs visit her website, DeviantArt, Facebook or Instagram.          ...

Adorable handmade animal characters created with fabulous felt

We've seen everyday objects represented with felt before but Cat Rabbit takes it to the next level with animals. The Melbourne-based textile artist creates everything from baby lambs to rabbits. Each piece is made by hand and is spot on. Her Etsy page is full of her felt creations and when she's not busy creating fabulous felt fabrications, Rabbit is busy working on illustrations for children’s storybooks featuring her felt characters. The stories are called Soft Stories and are made in collaboration with Rabbit's friend  Isobel Knowles. Check out some of the felt animals below and find more on her Instagram and Tumblr. ...

Mutated rugs bridge ancient and moderns worlds with age-old weaving techniques

Ancient and modern worlds collide in Faig Ahmed's intricate carpet patterns. The artist's fascination with carpet patterns, particularly ones found on rugs originating in Turkey, Persia, India, and Caucasus, led him to produce unconventional designs. The carpets seem to drip, break apart, and pixelate over the walls they're suspended on. Utilizing age-old weaving techniques, Ahmed's rugs depict  the rare instances of finding symmetry in nature. The rugs have been featured in various places such as at the Museum of Fine Art Boston, and the Bellevue Art Museum. Check out some of his distorted rugs below and find more on his website. ...
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