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Add Particle Brushes to Photoshop with ParticleShop

ParticleShop is a great new Photoshop brush plugin from Corel, the makers of PaintShop Pro. Debuted at Photoshop World back in August, it’s a suite of brushes built around a single core plugin, that you can use to create some really beautiful particle effects; including hair, smoke, fire, or fabric. ParticleShop will change the way users realize their creative vision. — KelbyOne ParticleShop is powered by Corel’s flagship product, Painter. As companies like Adobe have focused on user interface design, a sizeable niche has opened up for digital painting; it’s that niche that Painter neatly fills. And for Adobe devotees, ParticleShop does a great job on bringing some creative paintwork into Photoshop. By responding to the pressure, speed, and motion of styluses, touchscreens, and even just a regular mouse, ParticleShop generates effects that seem to obey the laws of physics; strokes seem to come to life, they bounce and flow naturally. ParticleShop’s...
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