Massive 200-foot tall ocean exploration platform

Massive 200-foot tall ocean exploration platform

The SeaOrbiter is a 200-foot tall vertical exploration platform concept intended for underwater research. The team recently turned to the crowdfunding website KissKissBankBank to raise funds and to build public excitement around the ambitious project.

Jacques Rougerie has been planning the SeaOrbiter for over a decade following a career of 30 years of research in subsea architecture. The ‘sea architect’ has managed to independently raise 70% of the needed 35 million euros to build the giant vessel and has successfully crowdfunded 325,000 euros for the completion of the “Eye of the SeaOrbiter.”

The eight story exploration platform will feature different pressurized living quarters for different types of divers. Additionally, it will feature exploration vehicles that deploy from the mothership and one seriously impressive diving drone that will descend 6,000 meters!

Check out the original video introducing the SeaOrbiter below!

YouTube Preview Image
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