A&E’s new brand identity caters to recent eccentric programing

A&E’s new brand identity caters to recent eccentric programing

Started in 1984 as Arts & Entertainment, A&E has grown from a stuffy network into one of the leaders in original cable programming.  In 2008 A&E updated its logo to get away from its stuffy past. That new logo represented it well, but in the last year A&E has developed a different type of reputation for it’s eccentric shows like Bate’s Motel and Duck Dynasty.

So in October 2013 A&E decided to change its tag lines to better reflect its programming. The new “Be Original” motto rolled out in December 2013 along a matching identity overhall by Los Angeles, based agency Troika to better represent its unusual reputation. 

Now, just a month into the updated A&E, what do you think of the new brand identity? Let us know in the comments! 

AE_2014_01_taskAE_2014_03_Be_Original_ExplanationAE_2014_04_ConceptAE_2014_00 AE_2014_05_Characters_And_Stuff AE_2014_05_Characters_And_Stuff1 AE_2014_10_typography AE_2014_11_recipe_card_bates AE_2014_12_recipe_card_longmire AE_2014_13_recipe_card_duck AE_2014_14_recipe_card_kill


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