672-round rubber band machine gun for kids who mean business

672-round rubber band machine gun for kids who mean business

I’m not sure if this device falls under the ‘toys’ or ‘weapons’ category. This Rubber Band Machine Gun (RBMG) developed by Alex Shpetniy is a band-shooting monster. If you keep the trigger pulled you will unleash an army of 672 bands in under one minute onto your helpless target.

RBMG is produced by way of CNC-cut plywood and is available in three finishes. As if the gun itself isn’t enough, it comes with a display-rack, 700 spare rubber bands, and a “fast charging device” that allows for quick-loading of 14 bands at a time.

Shpetniy is raising money through Kickstarter for his first production run and has already blown away his funding goal. Looks like this just may be the next trendy toy…

Check out the video below to see the fury of the Rubber Band Machine Gun unleashed!

YouTube Preview Image
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